90 Miles Cuban Cafe

3 eggs

Being a Diners Drive-Ins & Dives addict, I’m always down to check out a Fieri stomping ground – save the frosted hair tips. Last Mother’s Day, I had the pleasure of pigging out Cuban style at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe!


The restaurant is as colorful as it is loud, making it perfect for families. The dining area is large and there is both an outdoor patio and a covered one.


Everyone is very friendly and efficient. We were seated quickly and served swiftly: an essential for a large group.


I’m no expert on Cuban cuisine, but the food tastes very authentic. I had to try what I saw Guy Fieri eating on TV: the Puerco Rostizado. I’d go back only for that dish in a heart beat! The pork is roasted over night with malta, ham, bacon prunes and guava and is served with rice and sweet plantains. It was fantastic. We also had the Bistec sandwich with a side of Yuca fries. The Bistec had tender and juicy steak, crispy romaine lettuce, tomato, shoestring potatoes and chimichurri sauce. The fries were good, but very dry – definitely in need of a dipping sauce of some kind.


It’s a bit pricey for what it is, but it’s BYOB and they have to make money somehow. I suggest bringing a pale ale to temper the intense flavors.


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