Cemitas Puebla

cemitas puebla

You saw Guy Fieri stuff his face at Cemitas Puebla, why haven’t you done the same?



It’s superbly unassuming and dive-y.


Friendly and efficient. One time we asked about the cow foot and they gave us a sample. Course, neither of us were man enough to get the cow foot cemitas. It tasted like gelatinous dill and I’m really happy that I tried it.

cow foot at cemitas puebla


Cheap mexican beer and awesome horchata.


The chalupas are fried fresh and doused in spicy green sauce and sprinkled with cheese and onions. The salsas are amazing, ranging from tongue-tingling to mouth-charring.

chalupas at cemitas puebla
The cemitas are always great, as long as you arrive well before closing. The bread is fresh baked and toasty and the aged Oaxacan cheese is piled generously atop avocado and adobe peppers. The meat is always melt-in-your-mouth tender and stunningly flavorful. These sandwiches are the real deal.
carne asada at cemitas puebla
I think the best cemitas I’ve eaten is the carne asada. It was tender, flavorful and almost crispy. It falls apart almost like pastrami, and with the avocado it was like a buttered meat dream.
arabe at cemitas puebla
The arabe, spit-roasted pork, is just plain amazing.
milanesa at cemitas pueblas
The breaded butterfly porkchops in the milanesa are made in batches, and if you arrive later in the evening you may not get the freshest chops. It will still be good, but definitely not the best choice.Clearly those slabs of rubber above were purchased at about 8:45 PM. They close at 9 PM, so beware.
carne enchilada at cemita pueblas
The carne enchilada, butterfly porkchop marinated in chile guajillo, is off the hook. It’s almost silky in texture and mouthwateringly juicy. Delicious.

Value: you will feel like you are robbing this place blind. If you get the Groupon, you’ll get two horchatas,  an order of chalupas and two cemitas for only $7. And it will probably be one of your favorite meals ever.

These cemitas are some of Chicago’s very finest faire!

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