Falafel & Grill

falafel & grill


Living in Wicker Park has it’s perks: every building recycles, there is always something going on and the resale shopping is bomb. The downside is that I’m not a fan of the bar scene (where is the craft BEER?!) and eating out can be very expensive. Cheap food somehow seems pretty sketchy in this hood. But in my year of living here I survived by my frequent visits to Falafel & Grill. I just moved a mile further away and I’ll miss this quick and reliable spot for my last minute munchies.

3 eggs


Deceptive. It’s just a counter with some humble tables, chairs and a ton of natural light. It really does look like a greasy, prepare-for-food-poisoning kind of palace. But it’s always clean and their patio is pretty nice.


Friendly counter service. What else do you need?



Let’s start with the namesake. Each falafel patty is fried to order. Crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside – they’re great. I suggest going for the falafel platter, which gives you enough for at least two meals. Plus, the stuffed grape leaves are really good. If you’re looking for something smaller, the sandwiches are also great. The lamb is a must try – juicy and flavorful always. I would say it is scores better than Sultan’s Market, no hatin’, just sayin’. The hummus creamy and delicious, but very tahini heavy, so if you’re not into sesame, be aware. The salad that comes with the platter is not your typical fast food lettuce. Fresh, crisp, and lemony vegetables – a vegetarian dream.

On my last trip to F&G before moving to Bucktown, I ordered the chicken schwarma platter and Jacob got the chicken kabob. My platter was essentially a bunch of fried chicken skin with fresh sweet onions and yellow rice. Delicious, albeit a teensy bit dry. Jacob’s kabobs were juicy as all hell, with those crisped edges. Swoonworthy.



It’s a bargain. I literally ate my chicken schwarma platter over four meals and it was only $10.99. The falafel sandwich is $3.75 and it’s certainly some of the best I have ever had.



Falafel & Grill is that slacker from your high school that got a 35 on his ACT. It’s effortlessly great!

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