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pleasant house bakery

My first excursion into the shady world of British cuisine was at Pleasant House Bakery, a little farm-to-table Royal pie shop in Bridgeport. All my life people have told me that in hell, the British do the cooking. Consider me a sinner, because this place is delicious.

4 eggs


A modest, cottage-like building with a walk-up counter. The gray interior could feel cold, but combined with rustic wood panels and a chalkboard menu it’s quite the charming bakery with an urban-chic air.
 pleasant house bakery


Friendly, helpful and prompt.


Incredible. I have never had a scotch egg before so I don’t know if they are always this good or not. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a sausage wrapped egg that is deep fried. The sausage was spicy and flavorful, but rather subtle in the presence of the creamy yolk. The crunchy outer crust was perfect and while it was heavy, a little dab of the yellow mustard cut through the richness just right. It’s a little indulgent, but the fresh ingredients make it totally worth it. We also tried the deluxe gravy chips: skirt steak, gravy, and aged Cheddar cheese. Obviously, that was awesome as well.
the scotch egg at pleasant house bakery
I went for the steak and ale pie: beef, ale, carrots and herbs. It’s a classic combination with spectacular execution.  The pie crusts are unbelievably perfect! They are golden all around with buttery flakes exploding as you dig in. The filling was a perfect consistency: not too dense nor too thin, just a warm, perfectly cooked steak with soft carrots wrapped in herbs and tucked into the best crust you’ll ever taste. I seriously cannot get over that crust!
steak and ale at pleasant house bakery
The cold pork pie was weird, but actually pretty tasty. I’m personally not a huge fan of paté, but if you are adventurous and don’t mind a little aspic in your pie, definitely try it out.
cold pork pie at pleasant house bakery
The summer berry trifle was the perfect cap on our meal. It was bright and fluffy with a boozy hint. Twas a perfectly refreshing end to a heavy meal.
summer berry trifle at pleasant house bakery

Value: for the amount you actually eat, it’s kind of steep. However, we’re talking about supreme quality, so it’s actually kind of a steal.


A damn good reason for visiting Bridgeport!

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