The Violet Hour

4 eggs

The Space

The Violet Hour is a mecca of cocktails. The entrance is marked only by an ever-changing mural adorning the rustic wooden facade. Somber curtains separate the host stand and foyer and line the walls of the lounge.The place is dangerously dark, illuminated only by candlelight, a chandelier and a few more dim fixtures. Soft, gothic music and elegant high-backed arm chairs nestled in sets make for the perfect conversational atmosphere. The lounge is fashionable, but completely welcoming.

The Service

I’ve never quite experienced service as genuine and thoughtful as it is here. The host guided us to a cozy corner spot and wished us well in a tender voice. The servers were attentive but never overbearing, despite our lengthy deliberation over the long cocktail menu. Each of our ignorant questions were answered with an understanding smile and an impressive knowledge. Even though the website stipulates a cell-phone ban, but our server merely giggled and quietly ducked out of the way while I photographed the chandelier.

The Cocktails

When it comes to a cocktail list, I tend to shy away from anything with fruit or syrup *gag*. But there is nothing to fear at The Violet Hour. Every item on their seasonally inspired cocktail list is remarkable, complex and sophisticated. My favorite was the Juliet & Romeo made with Beefeater gin. The cocktail introduces itself with a fresh cucumber note, slips into mint and then leaves with a hint of rosewater. As fresh as the very first dew drop of April, Juliet & Romeo is the perfect Spring cocktail and I highly recommend it.  The You’ll Never Have Me is perhaps the best cocktail I’ve ever enjoyed: Maraska Pelinkovac, lemon, Death’s Door gin, yellow chartreuse, honey syrup and lavender tincture. More rich than sweet, the cocktail is haunting in its herbal qualities. It’s like a slug in the garden, sliding off your tongue with a smooth, earthy trail. It’s damn good. We ended the night with the Time Keeper, Laird’s Bonded Apple Brandy, lemon, orange marmalade syrup and Lillet Rose – a much more simple cocktail than the aforementioned but delicious nonetheless.

The Value

Each cocktail is a breezy $13, a small price to pay for such an experience.


Despite the obscurity, The Violet Hour is one of the most coveted lounges in the city. Go on an off-night, but if you must be there on a weekend, bigger parties have a better chance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with the cocktails. The servers are very well-versed on the menu and their more than happy to help!



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